Adrien Guérin


at the Bioengineering Laboratory in Jacques Dumais's group,
Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (UAI), Chile.

I am a physicist working on environmental problematics. I am particularly interested in the interactions of a fluid flow with its boundaries, or with an obstacle. I study how these boundaries affect the flow, and how they affect the transport of particles by the flow. This mostly involves tools from non-linear physics and fluid dynamics.

Research interests

I currently work on fog collection. In the driest areas of northern Chile and Peru, people hang nets across the fog flow to collect its fresh water. We study how these nets could be optimised.

My PhD focused on groundwater flow dynamics. We tried to understand how a groundwater flow can generate rapid flooding. We are now investigating the influence of the flow boundaries on its dynamics.

During a 3-months internship in Doug Jerolmack's group on river deltas morphology, I studied experimentally how a river builds and forms its own delta.


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In Chile:

In Cambridge, at the DAMTP:

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In Philadephia, at UPenn:

See also the webpage of ObsErA (Observatoire de l'Eau et de l'Érosion aux Antilles, where you can download and access information on several rivers and catchments in Guadeloupe) and Robert Geoffrion (photos of the Atacama desert, the plant Tillandsia, and fog collectors).


adrien.guerin2 * at *

Laboratorio de Bioingeneria
Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
765 Av. Padre Hurtado
Viña del Mar, Chile