Adrien Guérin

Researcher in hydrodynamics applied to Earth Sciences

Now looking for a job in water resources management.

During my research career, I used my strong background in hydrodynamics to study various topics related to hydromorphology and hydrogeology. Now, I want to use this technical knowledge to help better managing water resources, in order to protect and improve the quality of aquatic ecosystems.
On this webpage, you can find a summary of the reasearch topics and of the skills set I have developped during the 8 years I spent doing research, plus a CV and the list of my publications.


Research interests


From September 2017 to August 2020 I worked on erosion by dissolution. The flow of a fluid over a solid body is determined by the shape of the body, which imposes its boundaries to the fluid. If the body is soluble, its shape changes through the dissolution. In turn, this change of the fluid boundary affects the flow. We study this feedback mechanism between the flow and the dissolution.

During my first postdoc, at the Bioengineering Laboratory in Jacques Dumais's group, I worked on fog collection. In the driest areas of northern Chile and Peru, people hang nets across the fog flow to collect its fresh water. We study how these nets could be optimised.

My PhD focused on groundwater flow dynamics. We tried to understand how a groundwater flow can generate rapid flooding. We are now investigating the influence of the flow boundaries on its dynamics.

During a 3-months internship in Doug Jerolmack's group on river deltas morphology, I studied experimentally how a river builds and forms its own delta.


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At the MSC laboratory:

In Chile:

In Cambridge, at the DAMTP:

In Paris, at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris:

In Philadephia, at UPenn:

See also the webpage of ObsErA (Observatoire de l'Eau et de l'Érosion aux Antilles, where you can download and access information on several rivers and catchments in Guadeloupe) and Robert Geoffrion (photos of the Atacama desert, the plant Tillandsia, and fog collectors).


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